313B Lawrence Ave.
Kitchener, ON

CELL: 226-220-7752

Just Brew It! Custom Beers & Fine Wines is Kitchener's only ferment-on-premises service that offers custom beers fire-brewed in copper kettles.

Enjoy The Benefits of Making Your Own Wine & Beer

With 25 years of experience, we are experts in helping you choose and ferment the wine or beer that appeals to your unique palate. Not only is brewing your own beer and wine an appealing way to cut costs, it is also a way to create something unique, customized to every one of your flavour whims. We can help you achieve the flavours you prefer by choosing the right hops, malt and yeast for the perfect fermentation.

Create That Perfect Bottle

At Just Brew It! we have all the supplies and ingredients you’ll need to create that perfect bottle of wine or beer. With over 100 varieties onsite, all wine and beer is made using the finest ingredients. We can also ferment onsite, or provide you with supplies should you choose to do it yourself. 

Guiding You In The Right Direction!

We are pleased to meet with customers to ensure you are guided in the right direction to ensure the perfect wine and beer!

Just Brew It, Waterloo Ontario

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